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Flexible plans that you can modify or cancel if you change your mind

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Simple threat detection if you don’t have a dedicated security team or time to figure stuff out.

$ 7,750 / yr
  • 50 network decoys
  • Up to 3,250 endpoints
  • 1 site covered
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You’re a growing security team that wants to take your detect / respond game to the next level.

$ 14,500 / yr
  • 100 network decoys
  • Up to 7,500 endpoints
  • 15 sites covered
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You have a large in-house team that can master more sophisticated deception tactics.

Per endpoint slabs
  • 150 or more network decoys
  • Above 7,500 endpoints
  • Custom site coverage
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$ 4,950 / 10 participants

Our 5-star rated deception training that we run at Black Hat, USA. Learn to use deception effectively to protect your most critical assets.

Platinum Support

$ 9,500 / year

24/7 x 365 support. Priority resolution of support tickets and feature requests. Early access to roadmap and upcoming features.

Team member Abigail Roberts
Abigail Roberts

A member of our team is online now

Abigail specialises in adversary countermeasures. She can advise on:

  • How to plan your deception program
  • What use cases we can cover
  • Which plan works best for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more decoys to my plan?
All our plans include enough decoys to support your intended use case. If you think you need more or have questions about sizing, you can .
Can I pay monthly?
All IllusionBLACK subscriptions are annual contracts paid upfront.

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Simple solutions for detecting and containing threats. Working with us does not break the bank or your spirit. We’re the company of choice for offensive security teams with a Net Promoter Score of 70+.

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