“Most Innovative Product Of The Year”

NASSCOM-DSCI Excellence Awards, 2016

Can you detect a targeted cyber-attack before it’s too late?


False security alarms are raised every week


Days elapse before a breach is discovered


Percent of attacks do not involve any malware

With Deception Technology, You Can.

Deception technology is a revolutionary new way to detect the stealthiest cyber-attacks. It arms you with an arsenal of digital tripwires to turn the tables on even the most advanced hackers.


Watch an introduction to deception technology to learn more.

Detect cyber-attacks with the industry’s most advanced deception technology…


A Complete Deception Solution

With more decoys than any other deception solution, you’ll detect threats you never knew existed before.

All Needle, No Haystack.

IllusionBLACK only ever raises one alert — the one that really matters. No more event fatigue for your monitoring team.

See the Future

Threat intel decoys uncover the activity that precedes an attack, so you’re prepared for what’s coming even before it actually begins.

Unparalleled Network Visibility

Deploy deception from the datacenter to the smallest branch office, so attackers have no place to hide.

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