Here’s 3 reasons why our customers choose Smokescreen’s solutions

1. Expertise

Few companies have planned, implemented, and managed enterprise-wide deception campaigns. We have for years. Running these campaigns ourselves has intrinsically refined our product — from our comprehensive deception techniques, down to our alerting algorithms.

2. Completeness

We have the industry’s largest library of deception techniques. No one else covers pre-attack foot-printing, spear-phishing, web application attacks, social-engineering, data theft, Active Directory attacks, and more. Deception effectiveness is binary — either the attacker falls for it, or he doesn’t. We tip the scales in your favour.

3. Support

Our customers get far more than our product — they get our play-book and legendary support. Our training programs will make your team excel at active defence, teaching them to use deception principles to defend your organisation. With our tools and expertise, we guarantee we’ll reshape how you approach cybersecurity both strategically and tactically.

Here’s What We Can Help You With…

Malware and malware-less attacks

60% of today’s attacks don’t use malware, meaning anti-APT sandboxing solutions, anti-virus and heuristic systems can’t catch them. Deception technology detects the intent of the attacker, not their tools, so it works for all types of attack vectors.

Internal network visibility

While most companies guard the city walls (the perimeter), they don’t watch the back-alleys (the internal network), allowing hackers to move laterally undetected. Deception technology illuminates what’s happening in every subnet, leaving attackers no place to hide.

Faster detection and response

Reduced detection and response time directly correlate to less incident impact. Our attack reconstruction reduces attack analysis time to seconds from days, and our integrations trigger the appropriate response at wire-speed.

Reduced costs

Low false positives, built-in automation, simple deployment and practically no operational maintenance gives our deception technology excellent ROI, and an incredible bang for your buck increase in your cybersecurity defence capabilities.

Greater productivity

The low false positives from deception systems mean your security staff don’t waste time chasing thousands of false positives, freeing them to work on other priority areas including proactive detection and improved response.

Smarter security infrastructure

As the ‘nerve centre’ of your security infrastructure, our deception technology feeds meaningful threat intelligence to your other investments such as SIEMS, firewalls and access control systems, making them smarter and orchestrating them to automate containment processes.

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