At Smokescreen, we bring military deception tactics to the digital battlefield. Our solutions protect some of the most highly targeted organisations globally, including leading financial institutions, critical infrastructure, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our Story

We’re old-school hackers in the traditional sense of the word — from the days when hacking was about intellectual curiosity, not criminal intent.


Our reputations were built as a sought-after red-team outfit — showing the world’s largest companies how their security systems could be bypassed. As cyber-crime grew, they counted on us to help respond when their business was on the line. It gave us a unique perspective — we already knew how bad guys break-in, now we knew what it took to get them out.


We soon grew frustrated with the ‘solutions’ that didn’t work, and the lack of offensive thinking on the defender’s team. We kept asking ourselves, “what would catch guys like us?”. The answer? Deception. So we began hand-crafting digital traps for highly targeted organisations that could not afford a breach. Places where other defences had been regularly defeated.


It worked — and how! They caught things that were invisible to ‘state of the art’ products. This was our genesis; our ‘a-ha’ moment. Smokescreen was born.


Deception at Smokescreen is now a blend of art and science. Those years of experience, and every little trick in our playbook, tested in the wild, and packaged for today’s enterprise. What we do is simple — we think like them, so we can level the playing field for you.

About the Team

Smokescreen is led by a team of accomplished cybersecurity professionals with years of experience building solutions to protect some of the world’s most targeted organisations.


We’re actively supported by an advisory board that includes both reputed business veterans and technology luminaries.


Our rock-star engineering team is our pride. They eat, breathe, and sleep cybersecurity and are permanently looking to invent the future.


As a company, we support free software, responsible vulnerability disclosure, and the knowledge sharing ethos of the security community.


Sahir is a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur whose past ventures have secured global clients including critical infrastructure and Fortune 500 companies.

His work was a cover feature in Fortune India magazine, and he appears regularly in the print and television media.

He is an ardent fan of historical military strategy.

Sahir Hidayatullah


As a digital forensics professional, Raviraj has investigated some of the nation’s most high-profile cyber-security incidents.
He has also previously developed patent-pending technologies in the field of stealth malware detection.

Raviraj Doshi