Retail / E-commerce

The Risks

Cardholder Data

In 2014, e-commerce hacks accounted for 45% of data-thefts, while retail point-of-sale hacks accounted for 33% of attacks investigated by Trustwave. The common factor? Cardholder data. The recent e-commerce boom and hacks against Target Corp. Neiman Marcus and others, have only highlighted a long growing trend.


Cloud Security and Distributed Data

To serve customers at scale, e-commerce sites make extensive use of cloud-scale infrastructure, where traditional security measures are ineffective. Coupled with the remote management requirements of brick and mortar point-of-sales systems, hackers have a large attack surface for consumer facing businesses.

The Damage

Financial Losses

Besides the financial damage to customers, a retail or e-commerce breach racks up massive costs for investigation, notification, insurance, compliance penalties and legal fees. According to a study by the Ponemon Group, the average cost of a data breach is 3.5 million dollars.


Destruction of the Brand

Besides being a major payment card and privacy compliance breach,  the theft of cardholder data is inevitably an extremely public event, leading to a public relations nightmare, eroded customer confidence and a damaged brand.


ILLUSIONBLACK is equipped to create decoy customer and credit card databases, as well as to deploy very early warning tripwires for e-commerce sites that can identify malicious activity right at the reconnaissance stage.


For retail environments, ILLUSIONBLACK micro-decoys can mimic point-of-sale terminals and management stations, even in remote locations with limited network connectivity and no I.T. security staff.

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