The Risks

Intellectual Property Theft

The pharmaceutical industry has been designated a “strategic emerging industry” by nation state attackers, especially Chinese hackers. They are interested in intellectual property theft that will benefit their country’s industry in the long term.


Theft of Patient Records

At the other end of the spectrum, financially motivated cyber-criminals are increasingly stealing patient healthcare information in order to use it for identity theft.

The Damage

Inability To Compete

Loss of critical R&D, drug formulas or clinical trial results can set a pharmaceutical company back decades in its ability to compete. The millions of dollars and years of effort expended on research are nullified with just a single security incident.


Destruction of the Brand

Besides being a major compliance breach, the theft of patient records leads to a public relations nightmare that erodes customer confidence and destroys the company brand.


ILLUSIONBLACK effortlessly deploys on R&D networks, creating decoy repositories of research data, as well as decoy researcher systems. The decoys contain data that mimics your current research, and is realistic enough to fool even a pharmaceuticals specialist.


To deal with financially motivated cyber-criminals, ILLUSIONBLACK creates what look to be patient records. These are strategically placed on the network where hackers will look for them.

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