The Risks

Theft of Trade Secrets

Manufacturing is the #1 targeted industry for cyber-espionage (Verizon Data Breach Report, 2015). Foreign nation-state attackers steal know-how and gain the ability to damage industrial control systems in factories and plants.


Easy Targets

Manufacturing organisations are typically not very IT-savvy or heavily invested in cyber-security systems. This makes them an easy target for skilled adversaries.

The Damage

Loss of Competitive Advantage

The information stolen is used to outperform the victim organisation in global markets. Contracts are lost, and investments in R&D are nullified once the competition gets them for free. Over time, the country itself suffers from the leeching of intellectual property.



Hostile nation-states break-in and stay dormant in critical networks in case they ever need the ability to disable manufacturing facilities, refineries and factories.


ILLUSIONBLACK is one of the only systems that can effectively be deployed to protect industrial automation and control systems, without having to touch the production networks at all. It easily replicates SCADA / ICS, as well as the actual know-how, business strategy and other assets that hackers will target.


ILLUSIONBLACK is the perfect system to guard against adversaries with advanced technical capabilities, as it does not rely on finding their tools (which may be impossible to detect). Even attackers who move very stealthily will trigger the decoys and reveal their presence.

Download the SCADA / ICS solution paper for manufacturing.