Careers at Smokescreen

We’re (always) Hiring!

We’re always looking to add awesome people to our team. Our definition of awesome is:


Extremely self-motivated, hard-working and driven (for all roles)

We believe in hiring excellent people and giving them the freedom to do what they do best. This means you have to love what you do, and are ambitious enough to want to use your skills at the highest levels. People who need management or routine tasks typically don’t fit well for us. Our people are fanatically committed to changing how cyberspace is defended, and are quick to take on extremely hard challenges.  If you think this sounds right, we want to talk to you!


Technically excellent (for technology roles)

Technology is the filter for everything we do. Our people are those who learn new programming languages for fun, hack stuff on their weekends and furiously debate the benefits of vim v/s emacs over lunch. If you love operating system internals, esoteric network configurations, new virtualisation technologies and building / breaking software, you’ll be very happy here.

Front-end Engineers

If you’d like to work on an award-winning front-end application, for a company that really cares about UI / UX and clean code, this is the job for you. You’ll get to see your work powering an enterprise class product that is used across the world.


We’re looking for any combination of Angular 2 / JavaScript / CSS / design rockstars. Depending on your experience, the role that can either be specialised entirely on front-end development, or lean towards back-end engineering as well.

Software Engineers

We hire only the best software engineers and then get out of their way. You’ll get to work in a high-performance team, where the quality of your code is all that matters.


If you’ve got serious skills in any combination of C, Python, Golang or front-end web technologies, we’d like to talk to you. Plus points for experience with BSD UNIX based systems.


Everyone has to start somewhere. Start with us.


Are you passionate about cybersecurity and want to challenge yourself? Our internships are hard — expect to be thrown in the deep end.


You’ll get to try your hand at a number of areas in security, will work on some of the best technology out there, and will gain experience working in high-security environments.

Sales Engineers

Are you the kind of person that can seamlessly switch from talking nuts ‘n bolts tech to architecting a business solution?


We like sales engineers that are more ‘engineer’ than sales. You have to love technology, and be great at advising customers on how best they can use ours.


Prior cybersecurity experience is a must.

Penetration Testers

Tired of lather, rinse, repeat pentesting and tedious reports? We run an extremely innovative assessment team (clients have called us ‘formidable’ and ‘undetectable’).


Prepare to write your own tools, change the game up, and do innovative goal-based engagements. Programming skills are a must, and certifications are not.


You’ll also actively test security for IllusionBLACK, and help research new deception techniques based on stuff you implement ‘in the field’.

Support engineers

We’ve built a reputation for legendary support with our customers, and so they throw their hardest problems at our support teams.


You’ll be expected to figure out deployments in complex environments, carry deep product expertise, and work closely with our engineering and development teams.


Strong networking experience and excellent communication skills are a must. UNIX experience, scripting and programming are pluses. Prior cybersecurity product support experience is also great.

Regional Sales Manager - Middle East

We’re looking for a dynamic, experienced sales manager to take ownership of Smokescreen’s rapidly growing business in the Middle East.


If you have strong relationships with enterprise decision makers and channel partners, as well as past experience evangelising and high-technology selling cybersecurity products, get in touch.


You will hit the ground running with a solid existing pipeline, and will work closely with our local partners to further develop new opportunities.

What We Can Offer


  • Flexible work hours
  • Remote working options
  • Self-management
  • Performance-driven culture
  • Rapid career advancement
  • Hard technical challenges
  • Superb project exposure
  • Opportunities to build your personal brand
  • The chance to reinvent cybersecurity
Interested? Write to us…